eXeed band – St Louis' Hottest Sound Rage
Rockin' familiar 70s classics to today's hottest tunes
"entertainment beyond eXpectation"

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eXeed entertains. eXeed rocks. eXeed pleases the masses.

Playing generation-defining music from the 70's to present.

From Zeppelin to Gaga, Journey to Katy Perry, INXS to Adele......it's one wild ride!!!

eXeed is the catalyst for any public venue, city festival, corporate function, wedding reception or party. eXeed's fabulous synergy and years of professional stage experience converge for an evening of non stop crowd interaction and slamming renditions of your chart topping favorites.

eXeed is unique in it's ability to effortlessly conform to the needs of the client.  Whether dealing with the limitations of a small space or volume ordinances or conversely, needing to fill a large space - eXeed has 2 separate PA's, allowing it to easily fulfill the audio needs of most any venue without compromising quality.  eXeed's expansive songlist allows them to structure the evening's selections to best suit the client's target audience. Additionally, eXeed is mindful of family friendly functions and exercises due diligence in the song selections for events involving children.  

From beginning to end eXeed will exceed your expectations and take you on an energetic musical trek you're sure to want to take again, and again, and again.


Deanna Williams

Lead Vocalist and keyboardist...Deanna's expansive versatile 2.5 octave vocal range allows her to effortlessly belt both male and female songs while also energizing eXeed songs with her keyboard flair.  From tender to torch, Adele to Aerosmith, Journey to Bruno Mars, Zeppelin to Katy Perry, every note she sings is straight from the soul and purposely created to leave you stunned. 


Deanna has enjoyed an expansive music career that spans Illinois, Nashville and Missouri. She worked for 13 years in Nashville as demo singer, songwriter and a vocalist for various cutting edge local bands and major recording artists. 


By day:  serving as the owner of The Deanna Williams Studio of Music since '04 as a highly respected piano and vocal coach specializing in contemporary artistry.


John Williams

Guitar and Vocals.....A very seasoned lead guitarist /singer, John is known for his smooth note for note guitar licks and his on-stage energy. He loves to play it all....from the classics, 80’s, 90’s to present day rock and pop! Working as a team with the rest of the eXeed band members, he connects to the audience, inspiring dancers and non dancers to dance!


John is a native of St. Louis and started learning guitar at the age of 12. He performed in multiple bands starting in the 80’s to present day. He attended Trebas Institute Music Industry and Recording School in Los Angles. He quickly attained a job at A&M Records in Hollywood and lived on the west coast for 10 years.  He’s performed in local venues such as the Old Kiel Auditorium and many popular St. Louis night clubs. Some of his past bands band’s include Iron Suite, GRX, The Bullets, Scarlet McCall, Two Chicks on a Mic and Koolbadastada, just to name a few.


By day, John works as a Horticulturalist for Algonquin Country Club in Glendale Mo. 


David Schrader


By day:

Bryan Henningfeld

Drummer....Bryan has been playing drums for 9 years, 7 ½ of those playing in bands.  As a self taught drummer, Bryan's greatest inspiration was the styles of classic rock and country. Bryan drives eXeed from song to song, providing the momentum to keep our party moving. 


By day: works in Wright City as an Automotive Computer Diagnostic Technician... keeping all the lady customers happy when they get to see his guns. 

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